VIP LinkedIn Profile Makeover

For our customers who require the best Linkedin profile makeover service, we provide our exclusive VIP product.

Your online business card

If you do not have the time or competencies yourself, why not let MSI transform your LinkedIn Profile into an All-Star profile? This will assure that you come across as a professional on LinkedIn and that you will be found by the right people – every time!

A LinkedIn Profile used to be a nice-to-have, today it's need-to-have

LinkedIn has become much more than an online resume. It is the world’s largest professional network, where business professionals can exchange experiences, get recommended and find clients, suppliers, and partners etc. In other words, LinkedIn is your online business card and often this is the first impression people get of you in a professional context.

A VIP makeover gives you the following advantages:

  • The makeover is carried out by a senior consultant
  • The consultant is allotted extra time to carry out your makeover
  • The makeover is not limited by the same time limits and correction procedures as standard makeovers
  • Your makeover gets a thorough peer review

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VIP LinkedIn Profile Makeover

In addition to the standard makeover service, MSI's VIP LinkedIn makeover service contains the following:

  • Only senior consultants carry out VIP makeovers
  • Unlimited corrections until your profile is perfect
  • Quality control and peer review by another senior consultant
  • Twice as much time for phone/skype interview, if needed
  • Extra time for the consultant to prepare for your specific makeover
  • Client approval of LinkedIn profile summary and description before publication
  • A higher level of service and flexibility from your consultant
  • The possibility of consulting with your consultant about general LinkedIn questions
  • No annoying reminder emails are sent to you during your makeover - all communication is via your personal consultant. Only one automated reminder for your upcoming interview is sent
  • We can include an extra person in the makeover process, i.e. your personal assistant or secretary. All communication can go through this person if needed.
  • Special needs with regards to scheduling are accommodated, e.g. we can carry out the interview on weekends or in the evening
  • Feedback regarding the makeover process can be given straight to the consultant instead of via the online form
  • Extended correction window - 10 days instead of the normal 4 days.
  • Extended time for the consultant to carry out the makeover

Are you bilingual or multilingual? International clients or network? 

The general rule on LinkedIn is that you may only have one profile; having multiple profiles is a violation of the Terms of Service, However you can choose to have a second or third language version of your profile. e.g. Danish and English. This will give your visitors a better experience of your LinkedIn profile and communicate it in accordance with their language preference. Having two or more language versions will also generate more visitors to your profile.

Want more clients?

Studies show that a minimum of 1 out of 4 will search a new supplier's, business partner's or advisor's LinkedIn profile prior to a meeting or phone conference. And this number is growing rapidly, so in the near future, this sourcing conduct will be a standard in the supplier screening process. So which image do you want to showcase - the image of an amateur or a professional?

Set the standard for rest of the organization

A company with 150 employees can have 150 different versions and images of the company or they can have one uniform story with room for the personal touch and background. Today, personal branding is corporate branding and vice versa. When a co-worker shares a job in his or her network on LinkedIn, the likelihood of a potential candidate looking at their profile is reasonably high. 72% of the time spent on LinkedIn is spent on looking at other profiles, so your employees will of course also receive visitors to their profile. But why not utilize this opportunity to wheel these visitors in as potential clients or candidates via a professional presence?

The sum of personal branding on LinkedIn is the sum of corporate branding.

Looking to recruit your next employee via LinkedIn?

Utilizing your LinkedIn profile to post jobs via status updates, groups or LinkedIn's job board will generate a lot of attention to your profile and will quite often be the first point of contact with you and your organization. Therefore HR/hiring managers must have a professional business card in order to directly or indirectly create a positive and professional brand.

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