LinkedIn Company Page Makeover (corporate)

Market your products, company, and jobs for free to more than 550 million business professionals 

Maybe you think that LinkedIn is a database intended only for personal resumes/online business cards. Over the past 10 years, LinkedIn has developed into much more. For corporations, it is a perfect platform to execute corporate branding, talent attraction, marketing, and customer retention. It is often free and only takes up a small part of your time. 

The Company Page Makeover includes; 
One primary page (central page)
3 Showcase Pages (subpages) 
A skilled consultant assigned to your project
35 min. online training and Q&A
Graphic adjustment of logos and pictures

The training session
The training session will cover the basics of the administrator role, best practice on how to publish posts via your company page, how to engage with followers and how to post jobs and other news about your company. The training session will also introduce topics such as how to maximize your Linkedin efforts as a company, how to make your post go viral and achieve ROI. You can include up to 3 persons in this training session.

We utilize online "share my screen" functions and other online meeting platforms.  

We will carry out your Company Page Makeover within 7 working days after we have received all required material from you. This is our promise to you!  

How does it work? 
We will contact you to arrange a brief meeting by phone where we will explain the process and what we need from you in terms of text and visual material. Prior to our phone meeting/Skype call, we will forward our Company Page Guideline that outlines the requirements for the visual material.

The client is responsible for delivering photos, logos and text. We will be there to guide you all the way and can help facilitate ideas and give you examples that can help you draft the required material. We will proofread the content and optimize the text before we launch the page. Furthermore, our graphic designer will adjust your graphic material (photos and logos) to fit LinkedIn's requirements.   

We will receive text and visual material from you and your login information to your LinkedIn Company Page - and then we will go to work. As soon as we have finalized the pages we will notify you. Should you require any alterations, you are very welcome to forward these to us within 4 days and they will be carried out in accordance with your comments. When we have received your approval, the job is done. 

Following the page approval, we will schedule a training session for you and your colleagues. 

Are you still unsure whether or not your company belongs on LinkedIn? 

Is your company already on LinkedIn?

First and foremost, it is important to know that if just five profiles list you as an employer, a company profile is automatically created. Your company’s brand is too important to not take ownership of what is written about you and how you are presented.

Talent Attraction
The Company Page allows you to post your jobs and makes it easy for your employees to share them and thereby create a viral spread of your job postings. Furthermore, a professional profile leaves a good impression with potential clients and provides them with the opportunity to get to know your company better. A company profile makes it easy for everyone to follow you.

Targeted Marketing; Showcase Pages
As of April 14th, 2014, LinkedIn removed their Products and Services tab on the Company Pages. Instead, they have launched their Showcase Pages, which function as individual pages connected to your main company page. With LinkedIn Showcase Pages, you have the opportunity to market your company’s products and services, career opportunities or other EVPs as separate units, hereby reaching further out to your target markets. Your followers can choose to follow the Showcase Pages individually, thus getting exposure to the specific product or service they are interested in.

Customer Retention
With updates about your company, new products or news about your industry that showcase your company’s expertise within a sector, you can maintain contact with existing customers so that you appear top of mind and maintain your relationship with them. This will increase the likelihood for them to reach out to you the minute they are in need of your specific products or services.

And finally, LinkedIn ranks high on Google’s search index. So utilize your LinkedIn Company Page to generate more traffic to your company website by referring to it and get found by having the correct keywords and links on your LinkedIn Company Page.

MSI will charge the agreed and stated amount to your account when the makeover process is concluded. Please read and accept MSI Business terms when ordering this service. 

MSI Legal disclaimer

We are not affiliated with LinkedIn. We are not sponsored by LinkedIn. We do not represent any views of LinkedIn or its employees. We are not responsible for any changes in services or terms of conditions on LinkedIn and cannot be held liable for them. We work in an online medium so any changes to your LinkedIn Company Page will be immediate. 

Any legal action that our clients may be subject to in connection with their LinkedIn Company Page or usages of cannot be related to Makeover Services International. 

Utilization of photos, images, video, logos and other visual material that could conflict with third parties copyright is not Makeover Services International responsibility. 

Makeover Services International is and shall not be made liable for any changes in relation to the LinkedIn Company Page Makeover that could cause loss or damages directly or indirectly to the client.

LinkedIn Company Page Makeover is a service that is provided by Makeover Services International and not LinkedIn. Makeover Services International is not liable for any false or incorrect information that a client may provide for a LinkedIn Company Page makeover service that may or may not result in his/her termination of employment or any other legal dispute.

Upon finalizing the makeover service it is solely the client's responsibility to verify the LinkedIn Company Page settings, text and other visual material and go through the LinkedIn Page in total and make Makeover Services International aware of any issues that require alterations immediately.  

All rights reserved.

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