Guide to landing your dream job by utilizing LinkedIn (private)

Are you searching for a new job or are you just interested in more attention from recruitment consultants?

Here are a couple of interesting statistics that might interest you: 

  • 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates
  • 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to "vet candidates pre-interview
  • 91% of recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular site for recruiters by far!

In the most recent survey, 93% of recruiters indicated that they were likely to look at a candidate's social profile, and 42% of those recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on what they found - both positive and negative.

We know what it takes to catch the recruiter's attention on LinkedIn. We have worked in the international headhunting business for many years and we know what it takes to catch the recruiter's attention and also how to maintain our interest. This guide is crafted with all our best secrets and how2guides to optimize your chances of landing your next dream job and become the center of recruiters focus.

The guide addresses following topics: 

  • LinkedIn ABC - Need2know about this social media
  • Why is LinkedIn vital to your job search - We will explain
  • Your LinkedIn profile and settings
  • How to become a LinkedIn All-Star
  • What not to do in your job search
  • Reactive and proactive job search on LinkedIn
  • How to attract more attention to your profile
  • Navigation on LinkedIn 
  • How to find potential job decision makers and make them interested
  • Expand your network and utilize the power of it
  • How to initiate conversations for free with 2 or 3-degree level contacts for free

The LinkedIn Job guide will also cover LinkedIn paid "job seeking" solutions that can help you in your job search. 

The guide is currently available in English, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, French and Norwegian. Please select your language version below.