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Professional service with local representation

At MSI we aim to deliver the best possible service to our clients, no matter where in the world they are. This is why we are teaming up with local agents and resellers who knows how to provide a professional, localised service. In addition, we employ makeover consultants in the countries where we do business. This ensures a high level of language proficiency and attention to local customs and practices.

Our current partner lineup


Vanguard Leadership: Mic Adam (agent)

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The Netherlands

DMM Communication: Daphne Medik (agent)

Get in touch with Daphne:

United Kingdom

Cox Consultancy: Emma Cox (agent)

Get in touch with Emma:

3degrees Social: Christina Jackson (reseller)

Get in touch with Christina:


LinkedInExpert: Olle Leckne (reseller)

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LinkedInExpert: Peter Meurling (reseller)

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Marketing House: Annica Thorberg (reseller)

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MSI offers added value to existing sales, outplacement, HR, communication services

At Makeover Services International we are in the process of expanding our business in several markets across the globe. To maintain our high level of service and professionalism we are partnering with local HR, outplacement and recruitment experts as well as business advisers within sales, marketing and communications. With local insights and knowledge of market specifics, the primary role of our partners is to generate quality sales in their local countries or areas.

Agents and resellers

At MSI HQ we focus on delivering a superior service to our clients via dedicated agents and resellers. Agents are responsible for recruiting and handling resellers (who generate recurring business) in specific regions or countries - and both earn a commission on every sale.

Resellers are typically operating within businesses like outplacement, communications, advertising or business consulting - where our services give added value to existing offerings.

What is expected from you?

Partnering with us is a long-term commitment. We mean business and we expect you do the same.

The relationship we have with our clients is based on trust and it's important to us that you buy in to our philosophy. Corporate and private clients are equally important and you're expected to treat everybody with the same level of professionalism.

What we are doing for you

We value our agents and resellers as a crucial part of our sales organisation. We will provide you with a range of services to enable you to focus on providing a great service to your clients:

  • Our online shop with our full range of services and products
  • Your personal partner (discount) code which ensures that sales made in our shop are registered to you
  • Our competent team of certified LinkedIn Makeover Consultants
  • A recognised brand within LinkedIn optimisation 
  • Email notifications whenever a partner code is activated at the MSI webshop
  • Agents receive detailed insights into resellers orders and makeover status
  • An opportunity to partner with the leading LinkedIn profile makeover company

Next step

If you're serious about becoming our next valued agent or reseller, please drop a line to our CEO Christian Sylvester at csy(a) and provide a few details about yourself:

  • Your professional background
  • Your current job situation
  • Why you wish to become an MSI partner
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile

We're looking forward to hearing from you.