LinkedIn Cover Photos

A LinkedIn cover photo makes your profile look more professional and complete. It also lets you convey a powerful message across the top of your profile. Take a look at the comparison between the two profiles above - there really is no contest.

Ideally, you should use a cover photo that is related to you or your company. Alternatively, you can choose an image based on its sheer photographic qualities, simply to make your profile stand out - even if it just acts as a placeholder until you get a proper corporate photo.

You can search for free images on these sites:

Easy does it

Even easier, you may also pick one of the images below which we've carefully cropped and adjusted for LinkedIn. Just let your makeover consultant know which image you'd like implemented on your profile.


1) Coffee and notebook

2) Laptop keyboard

3) High-rise

4) Skyline

5) Pine forest

6) Clouds

7) Sailboat

8) Yosemite

9) Flowers

10) Rock