Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our services.

Q: I sometimes get notifications and e-mails when someone in my network has made changes to their profile, and I am worried that an extensive upgrade of my profile will result in my network being spammed with updates and notifications profile, how can I avoid this?
A: When conducting your LinkedIn Profile Makeover your consultant always starts with switching of your activity broadcast so that your network will not be notified about any changes made. Your contacts will have to actively click in to your profile to see the changes that’s been made.

Q: I find it difficult to answer some of the questions in the questionnaire, how do I know what to focus on when answering the questions?
A: The questionnaire seeks to bring out your ‘hard skills’. If you don’t know what to answer on a question, try to focus on what you do in your daily work and write down some keywords. Your consultant will guide you through the questionnaire during the interview, and will be able to help you formulate sentences or come up with ways to formulate a specific skill or area of responsibility.

Q: I’ve been asked to forward my resume to the consultant carrying out my resume, but haven’t made a resume in over 20 years and don’t have time to make one. Does the consultant need my resume to be able to complete my makeover?
A: Providing your consultant with a recently updated CV ensures 
the best result possible on your profile. However, a few bullet points on your specific areas of responsibilities or core competencies utilised in the specific positions during your career may be sufficient information for the consultant to be able to fill out your profile. Send an e-mail to your consultant explaining your situation and include a few bullet points for each position you have held during your career, and utilise the time in the interview to emphasise your skills and qualifications.

Q: How do I get in touch with the consultant carrying out my makeover?
A: When your makeover is initiated you will receive an e-mail containing the contact information on the consultant assigned to your makeover. Your consultant will also reach out directly within 24 hours after initiation of your makeover to schedule a phone interview and provide you with more information about the upcoming process.

Q: Why should I have a cover photo on my profile? 
A: A cover photo makes your profile stand out from the crowd as professional and complete. It lets you convey a powerful message across the top of your profile – whether you want to communicate where you work, which industry you operate within or just want a final touch to your profile. If you would like to see examples of cover photos, please ask your consultant.

Q: I have a LinkedIn profile in two languages, and want my visitors to see the English language version first, how do I direct them towards the English site?
A: Which language version your visitors get directed to depends on their own language settings on LinkedIn. If you have an English and a Danish version of your profile a visitor with Danish language setting will be directed to your Danish profile, while everyone else will see your English profile first. If you want to direct more visitors i.e. to your English profile we recommend that you add your profile’s English language version’s URL to your e-mail signature, your resume, your business card etc.

Q: I have ordered a makeover in one language, but after careful consideration I have decided that I would like another language version added to my profile. How do I order a second language to my order?
A: Just let your consultant know during your phone interview which language you want added to your profile, and he or she will take care of the rest. If your makeover is part of a corporate order you should get an approval from your manager (the one paying for the makeover) before adding a second language. Please make sure to get a written confirmation from your supervisor and forward it to your consultant to avoid any confusion.

Q: I have e-mailed my consultant about wishes for corrections to my profile, but recently received a reminder that I should remember to inform my consultant about any changes or corrections to my profile. Did he or she not receive my comments?
A: Our system is set up to remind you to provide your feedback when half the time of your ‘correction window’ is up. Sometimes these reminders may cross the e-mail correspondence with your client, and if you have already provided your feedback you should just ignore the reminder, and your consultant will get back to you asap.

Q: I have both an English language version and a Danish language version of my profile, and would like to see the danish version first instead of the english version when I log in to my LinkedIn account, how do I change this?
A: When you log in to your LinkedIn account LinkedIn will always show the language version that you first chose to create your profile in. There's no way you can change this, but remember that the people visiting your profile will not be affected by which language you see first – which version they see depends on their own language settings of their LinkedIn account.

Q: How to edit which groups I’m following? 
A: In the tool bar in the top of your profile, choose ’Interests’ - ‘Groups’. Click on ‘My Groups’ to the left, and all the groups where you are currently a member (or have a pending membership requests) will appear. To the right of each group there's a gear wheel that you can click on to get the option of editing your group settings.

Q: I told my colleague about my LinkedIn Profile Makeover, and she would also like to have a makeover of her profile. How does she order a LinkedIn Profile Makeover?
A: To book a LinkedIn Profile Makeover or any of our other services, go to and place your order. If you need assistance you can always get help by writing to

Q: I have ordered a How2Guide in English, but changed my mind and would like to have it in Danish instead. How do I change my order?
A: Please contact for any changes related to your order.

Q: I did not find an answer to my question.
A: Please contact , and our support team will get back to you within 48 hours.