Our consultants are an essential part of our operations and we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best possible service.

We continuously onboard new consultants to match demand is our various language areas. Before consultants start working with our clients, they are certified at our online academy and subsequently vetted via our internal exams.

Our current line-up of consultants include:


Anna Fast Nilsson 

Anna has a background within Educational Science and Human Resource Management where she has gained extensive knowledge particularly in relation to recruitment, employer branding, corporate branding and strategic HRM.

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Emilie Kristine Jensen 

Emilie has a background within Spanish & International Business Communication. She has been living abroad in different Spanish speaking countries, and among other things she has been helping Danish Businesses succeed on the Spanish market.

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Liese Helene Flyndersøe 

Liese is bilingual (Danish/German) with an educational background within Library and Information Science (LIS) supplemented with courses from the Danish School of Journalism. Liese's strengths are translation, documentation and administration.

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Lajka Birkedal Hollesen 

Lajka is a Danish writer, translator and subtitles with a passion for languages, IT and digital media. As a makeover consultant she highlights unique competences and work approaches that makes profiles stand out from the crowd and strengthen the individual and their professional brand.

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Michelle Dorthea Overgaard 

Michelle is passionate about corporate communications, internal as well as external. What especially triggers her is the opportunity to work in depth with how personal and corporate branding benefits each other in a professional context.

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Julie Bager 

Julie is a creative copywriter with a global perspective. With a background as a writer, translator and webdesigner plus a degree in multimedia design and communication she has gained experience in on- and offline communications, text production and translations.

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Kasper Rasmussen 

Kasper is a creative marketing consultant developing innovative and effective branding strategies and solutions to an array of artists and organisations. Kasper has extensive international experience within the fields of corporate PR, branding, SEO and digital optimisation.

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Lea Hansen 

Lea thrives when combining people and technology and has broad experience within HR, marketing, SoMe from an international perspective. She is always developing herself by taking a new course or learning a new language.

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 United Kingdom

Eileen O'Sullivan 

Eileen is a freelance writer with more than 20 years of experience with providing content for print publications and web based on her unique facility with words and an acquired expertise with web communication and SEO.

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Ciaran Gilligan 

Ciaran is a freelance copywriter specialising in Direct Response. He has an education within English and Creative Writing, and years of experience with delivering text to satisfied clients.

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Rhonda Carrier 

Rhonda has been working with words for more than 20 years. Her particular areas of expertise are writing, commissioning, copywriting and translating, and she has also naturally developed skills in spheres related to social media, Google analytics, public relations and brand marketing.

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Oscar Hjelmstedt 

Oscar is a journalist and writer with years of education and working experience in the fields of journalism, copy writing and translation. Oscar specialises in engaging copy, insightful articles and spot-on translations.

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Emelie Blomstrand 

Emelie has an educational background within Journalism from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, with a main focus on strategic communication and marketing. She has extensive experience with branding, social media and digital marketing from a global perspective.

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 The Netherlands

Wendy van Schie 

As a copywriter and editor Wendy is specialised in recruitment communication, internal communication and business-to-business communication. Wendy writes texts for staff magazines and business magazines, newsletters, websites and annual reports and all kinds of other printed or digital communication.

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Silvia Tijssen 

Silvia has a passion for language, and in her work she always places the receiver in the center of her communication. She helps people communicate in a clear, compelling and inspiring manner through a to-the-point, concise and simple approach.

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Tonje Refvik 

Tonje has a background within economics and Human Resource Management, and has a passion for personal, corporate and employer branding. In addition to conducting makeovers for our Norwegian clients, Tonje is the Operations Manager for MSI.

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Miriam Kureck 

Miriam has an educational background within Service Management, and her area of expertise lies within the fields of Project Management, Business Development, Organisational Structure and Human Resource Management. She has a broad knowledge about communication and the great importance of SEO in branding.

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