About Us


Makeover Services International (MSI) is a global organization, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our presence is global and we currently serve clients in a dozen countries. We offer professional LinkedIn optimization services as well as LinkedIn profile analysis. We offer our services to B2B, B2G and B2C clients in an expanding array of languages and formats. About 75 % of our turnover is generated from B2B clients. 

Our international team of dedicated makeover consultants are located in 6 different countries around the world. This setup enables us to deliver a uniform service but with unique local insights and an unmatched level of professional language proficiency. We assist SMBs to Fortune 500 companies and we serve clients such as Sweco, NNE Pharmaplan, Bossard, and Alliance+.

In recent years we have carried out thousands of successful LinkedIn Profile makeovers and during that time we have painstakingly optimized and honed our processes to facilitate seamless expansion to even more regions and languages.

Our consultants - the backbone of our service

All our employees go through an extensive training programme and rigorous testing at our MSI Academy before they become a certified MSI LinkedIn consultant and start working with clients. This ensures that our consultants deliver both personal and uniform service in accordance with our tried and tested makeover concept.

Training continues throughout our consultants' career with us and they continue to extend their skills through frequent video updates from our Head of Training. In addition, validated learning and performance-based rewards (through client satisfaction ratings) are built into our processes.

Our cloud-based dashboard and the support from our Operations Manager ensure that consultants are always up to speed with their current assignments and can focus on the things that matter the most to our clients; creating professional content with a personal touch.

Mission and vision

MSI's mission is to help individuals and companies to communicate their unique charities as well as competencies and to ensure that their online business cards come across professional on social platforms. MSI´s work carries the purpose of creating interest and trust among their target groups and influencing them positively to encourage them to enter a dialogue about jobs, business opportunities, knowledge sharing, etc.

MSI's vision is to contribute to a more transparent and global employer and employee market, for the benefit of all parties. Through our services, we will contribute to improving mobility for the global workforce by presenting skills and potential in the best possible manner and making them visible to the greatest possible extent. By this, we wish to encourage increased trade between companies and contribute to job creation locally as well as globally.
We want to provide individuals and companies regardless of geographical location or LinkedIn skills level the best starting point for reaching the common goal. Optimal use of each other's resources.

Client satisfaction is very important to us

About 75 percent of new clients are referred to us by existing clients.

We believe that our high level of service and the quality of our end product are significant factors in this value chain. We are acutely aware of the increasing transparency of both the market and client satisfaction - and how this affects customer retention and acquisition.

Our Operations Manager oversees our processes on a daily basis and we continuously adjust even the smallest details in the way we do business if it strengthens the quality of our service.

The ongoing and mandatory training and updates on LinkedIn and other social media platforms - including new features, communication techniques, and best practices - ensure that our consultants are always the best in the business.

The founders of the Company

The founders of the Company are CTO Thomas Søndergaard and CEO Christian Sylvester (see picture).

Thomas Søndergaard has an extensive background within IT, governance, business processes and general management. Having completed a degree in business administration in the UK, Thomas embarked on a career within IT and business process management. For several years, he was head of consulting at a major Danish IT consulting firm and also worked as a consultant for midsize and large corporations, mainly in Denmark.

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Christian Sylvester was one of the first HR professionals in the Nordics to use LinkedIn and other social media platforms professionally in 2004. Since 1999 Christian Sylvester has worked as a consultant and at senior level management for international IT companies as well as HR, training and headhunter agencies.

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