LinkedIn Profile RE-makeover - Stay updated (private)

Want to stay updated with a professional LinkedIn profile?  

LinkedIn is constantly changing and so is your LinkedIn profile. New features are released and affect your brand whether you like it or not. Your job description could change as well as your job status. Are you communicating in accordance with your primary and current audience?     

Your makeover is done and your LinkedIn profile is state of the art, but how do you stay 100% updated with your profile and how do you ensure that you always present yourself in the best possible way?

Purchase this service and you can stay updated with your profile, should career or company changes affect your personal communication. Let MSI handle this for you so that you stay updated and communicate the correct message to your network and potential clients.

We perform re-makeovers in English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese (Mandarin).

How does it work?

Contact us by email or we will contact you. We will arrange a time slot for a Skype call or a phone interview with a duration of 10-15 minutes. Before our meeting, you will receive a questionnaire that will serve as a guideline for the interview and the work we have ahead of us. 

We will have updated your LinkedIn profile no later than 5 working days after the interview. You will then have 4 days to get back to us with your final approval or any alterations you may wish carried out. 

You will forward your details regarding your LinkedIn profile re-makeover by email to MSI. This information is handled with the utmost discretion. 

What does the service contain?

* An analysis of your current LinkedIn profile – what can be improved?

* Any changes in your career, job or company that need to be communicated differently.

* An update of your professional headline and photo if needed (you provide the photo).

* An updated description in compliance with your current job and employer.

* A brush-up of your executive summary. 

* Are you communicating the correct message? We will find out and correct according to your requirements.

* We will add or remove skills according to your current brand and audience.

* We will update your profile according to your latest courses, certifications, projects, languages. 

* We will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and help you attract more relevant visitors to your profile.

* Re-evaluation of your chosen groups and companies. 

* Of course you have the opportunity to request alterations to any changes to your LinkedIn Profile that we have made. Please note that all requested alterations must be done in one email and not several emails.  

How to activate this service

You can activate your re-makeover by contacting us at (subject: Re-makeover activation) and state your client information and link to your Linkedin profile address.

You can activate your re-makeover process within 18 months from the time of purchase at any time you wish. We will send out a reminder to you no later than two months prior to the expiration of the service period.


Please note; In order to buy this product, it is mandatory that your profile has received a makeover by MSI consultants within the last 12 months.

The duration of this service is 18 months from the time of purchase and the service must be activated within this time frame. It is not possible to prolong the duration period. It is only possible to order this service via our webshop and not through your makeover consultant.  

The service is a one-off service and not a recurring service. This requires a new subscription (re-makeover) that will last another 18 months and keep you updated.

Just like our LinkedIn Makeover Service, this is an online service and we do not forward profile drafts for approval prior to adopting these online.

Legal disclaimer

We are not affiliated with LinkedIn. We are not sponsored by LinkedIn. We do not represent any views of LinkedIn or its employees. We are not responsible for any changes in services or terms of conditions on LinkedIn and cannot be held liable for them. We work in an online medium so any changes to your online profile will be immediate. During the process, we will utilize  LinkedIn tools to hinder broadcast, to your LinkedIn network, about any changes to your LinkedIn profile and strive to carry out the makeover service as discreet and confidential as possible.

Any legal action that our clients may be subject to in connection with their LinkedIn profile or usages of cannot be related to Makeover Services International.

Makeover Services International is and shall not be made liable for any changes in relation to the LinkedIn Profile Makeover that could cause loss or damages directly or indirectly to the client.

Professional online LinkedIn Profile Makeover is a service that is provided by Makeover Services International and not LinkedIn. Makeover Services International is not liable for any false or incorrect information that a client may provide for a LinkedIn makeover service that may or may not result in his/her termination of employment.

Upon finalizing the makeover service it is solely the client's responsibility to verify LinkedIn profile settings, any new signups, text and other visual material and go through the LinkedIn profile in total and make Makeover Services International aware of any issues that require alterations immediately.  

All rights reserved.

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