Outplacement package

Need to downsize your organization?

Offer redundant employees an efficient and discrete outplacement solution that will provide them with a professional LinkedIn profile that will help them get discovered by other companies and fast forward their job search.

Does it work?  

93% of all headhunters utilize LinkedIn for candidate search and most companies will check out potential new employees online before inviting them for an interview. The LinkedIn profile will often be a manager's or an HR consultant’s first impression of a candidate and could determine whether or not the person gets invited to the next step in the recruitment process.

“It made a big difference for my job search”   

Makeover Services International has helped hundreds of companies and their employees and ensured that they stand out professionally. Our service is performed with a personal and local touch with respect for individual choices and wishes, and will always be of the same high quality regardless of company location. We have received great feedback from companies and now former employees. An updated LinkedIn profile gave them an efficient boost to their career search.    

“For five years there was hardly any activity on my LinkedIn profile. But since my LinkedIn Profile Makeover six months ago I have been contacted around 20 times by recruiters who thought I was an interesting candidate.” Mikkel Brandorff, Chemical Engineer.

Our consultants' mission is to help the client stand out professionally. In order to achieve this, our consultants combine personal and corporate communication and this cocktail makes for an attractive LinkedIn profile, which in turn makes all parties stand out positively and enhances both the personal and the corporate brand. When the company is portrayed in a positive manner this rubs off on the personal brand and vice versa. Basically, if united properly, the personal and corporate brands support each other. That is our goal.   

Your company will continue to benefit from this investment

Today personal branding equals corporate branding so when a former employee stands out professionally on LinkedIn and their description of a former employer is elaborated, correct and properly communicated, the company brand will benefit from this, today and in future. When a former colleague has a professional online presence, they will leave a positive impression when people visit the profile and the same goes for the companies that they have worked for. The company gains a future ambassador and a potential recruitment and employer branding communication platform via the profile of the former employee. When other LinkedIn members visit the profile they are exposed to employer and company value propositions. 72 % of the time spent on LinkedIn is spent on looking at other profiles. This means that your former employees will receive visitors to their profiles, so why not gain from this?

How does it work?

One or more of our consultants will be assigned to this project and they will coordinate the makeover process together with the client’s primary contact person. The chosen employees will be contacted directly via email and a timeslot for the phone or Skype interview is set. Prior to the interview, the client will receive a questionnaire that will act as a guide for the interview. During this process, the employee will forward his or her LinkedIn login information to the consultant. Sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

When the makeover consultant has obtained all relevant information, the LinkedIn makeover process is initiated and carried out within 5 working days. An email containing a link to the “new” LinkedIn profile is forwarded directly the employee. He or she will have 4 days to return with feedback or approve the outcome of the makeover process. It is vital that the employee goes through the profile and makes Makeover Services International aware of any changes that may be required and within the stated timeframe so that we quickly can adapt to these requirements and finalize the assignment. Failure to meet the timeframes will be perceived as an acceptance of the makeover result and the process is thereby completed. Feedback must be delivered by email.

MSI will delete profile login information when the makeover process is carried out and access is no longer required. If you have any questions before, during or after the process please ask your assigned consultant.    

Makeover Services International outplacement solutions    

Small outplacement solution

  • 5 LinkedIn Profile Makeovers with one language version
  • 5 MSI Guides - How to land your dream job with LinkedIn

Standard total price 1940 $

Small outplacement package 1845 $

Additional price for two language versions 645 $

Medium outplacement solution

  • 10 LinkedIn Profile Makeovers with one language version
  • 10 MSI Guides - How to land your dream job with LinkedIn

Standard total 3880 $

Medium outplacement price 3755 $

Additional price for two language versions 1290 $

Large outplacement solution

  • 25 LinkedIn Profile Makeovers with one language version
  • 25 MSI Guides - How to land your dream job with LinkedIn

Standard total 9700 $

Large outplacement package 8795 $

Additional price for two language versions 3225 $

This service is valid 18 months from time of purchase. After this date, the outplacement solutions are no longer available and must be renewed.

(Did you know that a LinkedIn profile can consist of many language versions? Additional language versions will ensure more visitors and increase the personal and corporate branding.)

LinkedIn facts:

  • “35% of users access LinkedIn every day.”
  • “Over 25 million profiles are viewed on LinkedIn daily.”
  • “1 of 3 professionals on the planet has a LinkedIn profile.“
  • “LinkedIn is used in 200 countries worldwide.”
  • “93% of recruiters will review a candidate's social profile before making a hiring decision.”
  • “73% of recruiters have recruited professionals through social media.”

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