October 17, 2016

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New partner in Germany - are you our next German reseller?

MSI is expanding world-wide via our extensive partner programme. Agents and resellers are becoming our main sales channel in our quest to provide an even better service to our many clients.

Partnering with key players in relevant markets enables us to tailor our offerings to suit local customs and practices. When rolling out in a new country or region, we also hire makeover consultants with local insights to facilitate the best possible makeover process.

Kristian Lodberg (pictured) is our agent in Germany. His background in business and brand development makes him the ideal person to trust with the wealth of opportunities that exist in the German market.

Get in touch

At this early stage, Kristian is focusing on striking partnerships with potential resellers in Germany - particularly with companies within outplacement, recruitment and communications.

If you’re interested in becoming an MSI reseller in Germany, don’t hesitate to contact Kristian via e-mail at klo@makeoverservices.com.



Photo: Carsten Bundgaard (carstenbundgaard.dk)

Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard