October 23, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Why LinkedIn is the best platform for business blogging


Everybody is blogging these days and the internet is a great place to voice your opinion or provide expert advice on a subject you care about.

The only problem is that hardly anyone is going to read the words you so carefully craft for your personal blog. It's really hard to drive traffic to a website unless you announce your posts on social media.

Advertising your blog posts on SoMe is a good tactic but you can take it even further: Why not blog directly on one of the large SoMe platforms, i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn? As it happens, LinkedIn's blogging feature is very good, and more importantly, it provides you with excellent ways of getting the exposure you want.

Is LinkedIn really worth it?

So, why should you start blogging on LinkedIn? Here are the main reasons:

  • LinkedIn is a business-focused platform which means that your audience is open to business or professionally-oriented articles.
  • People are also more likely to like and share posts on a platform with a more narrow scope than, say, Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is much more generous with exposure than Facebook. Every blog post you write will be pushed to your contacts via a notification. On Facebook, you can't be sure that your friends will see your post and if they do, it's likely to fight for attention with pictures of funny cats. Not a fight you want to pick.
  • You get detailed analytics of every post you publish on LinkedIn. These demographics can help you determine which angles work best for future posts.

Blogging without an audience is no fun and it almost always leads to declining post frequency and, eventually, demise of the blog. Starting a blog on LinkedIn will immediately give you a sizable audience (depending on your number of connections) and valuable feedback on your posts.



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Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard