August 14, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 tips to keep your profile visually sharp


At some level, we're all visual thinkers. Keeping a visually appealing and harmonious looking profile will help you differentiate yourself from others.

Give your LinkedIn profile a check-up with our guide to eradicating the most common mistaskes. Here you go:

1) Consistent use of spaces

It may sound trivial, but the use of spaces has a huge impact on the overall look of your profile. Do follow a template throughout your profile to ensure consistency in spacing between paragraphs in your summary, experience and education fields.

2) Separators and bullets

Be consistent in your use of separators, bullet points and special characters throughout your profile. So, if you use an asterisk as a bullet point in one section, don't use a dash somewhere else.

3) Headline

Create a professional headline with relevant competencies - and remember to use a common separator between the keywords.

4) Grammar

Checking spelling and grammar is very important. Silly mistakes can leave a bad first impression but it can also be quite hard to spot errors in text you've written yourself. If at all possible, do let someone else proofread your profile whenever you make bigger textual changes.

5) Visuals

Add visuals under each section of your profile, i.e. job positions, education etc. Ideally, you should use two types of visuals by each section - this could be a logo or a video which relates to the company or the position. Do put a brief description of what kind of visual material is presented, i.e. a website, a video and so on.




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    Anna Fast Nilsson
    Anna Fast Nilsson