January 08, 2017

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How LinkedIn groups can boost your business


The power of LinkedIn's groups is often underestimated - but power users know how important groups can be to building your business.

Our experts have picked the top 5 tips for using LinkedIn groups to your advantage. Here they are:

1) Learning and sharing

By joining groups relevant to your line of business, you'll find that it's easier to stay abreast of the current trends and you can discuss relevant topics with like-minded people.

These groups are also a great place for sharing your own thoughts or blog posts on business-specific matters and get quality feedback.

2) Making relevant connections

By joining groups pertaining to your professional life, you will meet loads of people who may be useful to know further down the line. Do make an effort to connect with these people and make sure to include a short introduction where you highlight your common interests.

3) Contacting people without InMails

Initiating a dialogue with someone on LinkedIn who isn't part of your network is normally done through paid InMails. These can be a horribly inefficient tool for contacting people - but there is a different option.

If you're part of the same group on LinkedIn, you can contact the person directly and thereby bypassing InMails altogether.

4) Starting your own group

Creating a LinkedIn group can be a good way of connecting with a large number of people. It does take some time to build large groups and sometimes it just isn't worth it.

But, let's assume you work within C# programming, and there isn't already a group for C# developers based in your country or area, it may be a good idea to create the group. As a starting point, if you cross-section a business area with a location, you have an opportunity for a LinkedIn group with potential for a large and engaged audience.

5) Recruiting

Groups can be a great way of broadcasting open positions to relevant candidates. You just need to locate which groups have members who are relevant to your business - and also make sure that job postings are allowed in the particular groups.

In addition, you can contact candidates within groups directly, as mentioned above.


There you have it, LinkedIn groups are a great business tool if you use them right. Fortunately, is easy to get started - all it takes is a bit of dedication.





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Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard