July 03, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Don't add too many job positions


As a rule of thumb, your LinkedIn profile shouldn't go back more than 20 years. Very few people will find it interesting what you did professionally more than 20 years ago. It's probably no longer relevant and not related to what you're doing today.

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • If you've taken an unorthodox career path, you may wish to include all your positions on your profile. For instance, if you have worked your way up from the very bottom of a large company, perhaps without an educational background, then you should consider including all positions.
  • If a position lies more than 20 years back but is still relevant to what you are doing today - and it supports your professional brand - then it may strengthen your profile to include it.
  • If you haven't changed jobs that many times over the years, a few extra positions can bulk up your profile considerably.
  • Ideally, there shouldn't be any significant gaps in your professional timeline. However, if a previous position was completely irrelevant and even interferes with you current professional brand, you could consider leaving it out.

And remember, next time you get a new job, cast a critical eye on your professional timeline. Perhaps it's time to revise your profile!




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    Sissel Jakobsen
    Sissel Jakobsen