February 20, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Why you should move 10% of your Facebook time to LinkedIn

Most people use Facebook a lot. Too much, probably. And Facebook is definitely winning the battle to become the go-to app on our phones for those moments during the day when there's nothing else to do.

Read on to find out why and how you should focus a fraction of that time on LinkedIn instead - and start reaping the rewards very soon

Your LinkedIn profile is your online business card. But it's more than that - LinkedIn is where you build your professional network and make yourself known for what you're good at. There are no LOLcats or funny videos here so you you'll be excused for not wanting to check up on your feed all the time.

But a little less will do.

We're not advocating that you abandon Facebook altogether - we all need our daily dose of light entertainment - but you should definitely consider moving 10 per cent of your Facebook screen time to LinkedIn.

We recommend that you do one or more of these things every day:

  • Check the LinkedIn newsfeed/Pulse and like or share a couple of stories that pique your interest.
  • Search news.google.com (or your preferred news source) for interesting stories related to your professional field. Post one of them on LinkedIn with your own relevant angle or comment.
  • Endorse a few of your connections for skills that you know they have.
  • Search for possible relevant connections within your field. Saved searches and email alerts will make this really easy.
  • Similarly, search for new groups that may be relevant to you, and join them.

Most of this stuff can be done straight from the LinkedIn mobile app so there really is no excuse for not giving your LinkedIn profile the attention it deserves!

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Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard