February 05, 2016

Managers, this is why you need a top-notch LinkedIn profile

Business relations are becoming increasingly personal and brands no longer hide away their talented employees. Showcasing profiles of key members of staff is an effective and trustworthy source of corporate branding.

Everebody wants a great manager

A recent article in Business.dk underlines this point:

"Today, applicants for our open positions seem more interested in us because of the manager they are going to be working for rather than our company itself" - says Camilla Ley Valentin, CCO at Queue IT, "...in my opinion, candidates carefully contemplate future managers' personal brands before applying for a new job."

Corporate buy-in

At MSI we always preach that personal branding is an integral part of corporate branding, and LinkedIn profiles are the most important factor in this.

Christian Sylvester, CEO of MSI: "Almost 70 per cent of our clients are from the B2B segment of the market. Companies are starting to realise the value of employer branding through the LinkedIn profiles of their employees."

To accommodate the busy schedules and higher demands of C-level managers, MSI recently launched our new VIP LinkedIn Makeover product. Our best-selling product is still our LinkedIn Profile Makeover which elevates your profile to All-star status in just a few days.



Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard