January 29, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Should you crosspost your updates on LinkedIn?

Everybody seems to have an opinion on whether you should crosspost your social media content on different platforms. If you create a blog post on your web site, should you post the same content on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Medium etc?

Our answer is: Yes, but...!

On the internet, you'll find many advocates both for and against crossposting to different social media, but the fact remains that posting on different networks gives you more exposure - which is a good thing.

So yes, do crosspost but be aware of the following caveats:

1) Google hates duplicate content so don't post the exact same story on different networks. Alter it slightly, or - even better - show different sides of the same story on different media. This way, your Google page rank won't be affected.

2) Don't crosspost to different social media at the same time. Your followers probably follow you on several networks and they will be annoyed if they see three or four identical stories at the same time in their feeds - and they may unfollow you as a consequence.

So yes, do re-use your content but carefully consider how you go about it. Maximize your exposure without alienating your followers and harming your SEO.

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Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard