December 10, 2015

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LinkedIn tip of the Week: How to craft the perfect professional headline

Your professional headline is the single most important part of your profile. You need to get this right.

Apart from the obvious, like avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes, make sure you use the limited number of available characters in the best possible way. This week, we bring you these 3 tips from the pros:

1) Use your job title along with key terms that represent what you do
If you're a web designer, something like this may work for you: "Experienced web designer specialising in mobile platforms | UX, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, wireframes". The idea is that your headline should communicate your title and the essential skills that you deploy in your field of work.

2) Be findable
Stating your skills is important but if no-one can find you, what does it matter?

When you're editing your professional headline, start off by clicking "See what other users in your industry are using" to get an idea of the keywords used by your peers. Also, perform a search for each of the keywords you're planning to use and see if they yield relevant results.

3) Don't shout
This is an easy one: Don't write EVERYTHING IN CAPTIAL LETTERS. It's just a lazy way of highlighting points that may otherwise not stand out.

You may argue that shouting will indeed make you stand out from the crowd and get your message across, and you may be right. But using capital letters does nothing for your findability and it makes you come across as inarticulate, angry and rude.

4) Don't be cringeworthy
LinkedIn isn't Facebook. Everything on your profile is visible to the whole world and it is often the first impression that potential clients or employers get of you.

So, dress up, look smart and be on your best behaviour, like you would at a job interview or an important business meeting.

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Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard