November 11, 2015

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HR Professional, Recruiter, Outplacement executive, Headhunter - We are looking for YOU!

At Makeover Services International we are in the process of expanding our business in several markets across the globe. To maintain our high level of service and professionalism we are partnering with local HR, outplacement and recruitment experts. With local insights and knowledge of market specifics, the primary role of our partners is to generate quality sales in their local countries or areas.

If you are an independent recruiter or HR professional, an MSI partnership may be the perfect fit for you.

As an MSI Partner you will be enrolled in our revenue sharing programme. You will receive a fixed percentage of all the sales you make, across all our different services and products. At the end of every month you will receive a complete statement of your sales and revenue. Simple and transparent.

Please visit our partner page via the above menu. 


Christian Sylvester
Christian Sylvester