August 18, 2015

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Kim Vesterskov is joining our MSI team

At MSI we are very pleased to welcome Operations Manager Kim Vesterskov who will join our team from September 1st.

Kim has a solid professional background within career counseling, teaching, project management, outplacement and recruitment. He is a keen user of LinkedIn and has been for several years. He has great experience in facilitating and teaching at LinkedIn workshops and has great knowledge on how to use LinkedIn in the recruitment process and as a preferred professional networking tool.

As Operations Manager at MSI, Kim will primarily be responsible for our products and services. He will be engaged in ensuring customer satisfaction as well as managing the consultants carrying out LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Makeovers. He will also be involved in the recruitment process of new consultants and in marketing related to our business. Finally, as Operations Manager Kim will be involved in teaching and workshop facilitation in-house and out-house.

Welcome to the team, Kim! We are looking forward to work with you.

Sara Østerberg Langholz
Sara Østerberg Langholz