August 08, 2015

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Want to become a partner at MSI?

Due to expansion of our business in several markets across the globe, we are looking for HR professionals with local insights who can generate quality sales in their respective country or area. It doesn’t matter if your area of expertise is within recruitment, outplacement or other HR processes, as long as you agree to the partnership as a long-term commitment.

As a partner, you will be enrolled in our revenue sharing programme and since you will be in contact with our clients - corporate and private - you must buy in to our philosophy of treating everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism as trust is key to us. In return we will provide you with a range of services to enable you to focus on maintaining the great service you offer your clients. These services include our online shop with all of our products and services, a specific code which ensures that sales made in our online shop are registered to you specifically, a recognized brand within LinkedIn optimization, and not least our competent team of trained and certified LinkedIn Makeover Consultants.

In case you can recognize yourself as our next valued partner, don’t hesitate to apply here on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates about new services and products.
Sara Østerberg Langholz
Sara Østerberg Langholz