December 04, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 3 things you should do on LinkedIn every Sunday


If you're like most people, chances are you're giving your LinkedIn profile far less attention than it deserves. But you probably also know that LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important to both job seekers and organisations.

So there really is no way around it: You need to to start using LinkedIn to boost your career or your company's business.

To get the ball rolling, consider creating a recurring event in your diary to remind you to do three simple things, every Sunday. And why not start today?

These are things you should do every week on LinkedIn:

1. Like five LinkedIn posts and share one of them

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn is done through connecting with like-minded people and creating interactions centered around common interests. Liking and sharing posts from your contacts isn't just about giving props to the authors but also a way of signalling to your other contacts that you're expanding your knowledge base and that you're an active networker.

2. Connect with three relevant people in your industry

In a similar vein, building a network within your line of business can be very beneficial down the line. Don't just connect with anyone, but pick three or four people whom you've met in your professional life - or second degree contacts who share your interests.

Say, you're a management consultant, it makes sense to connect with other management consultants in your geographical area.

And don't forget to put a note in the "Relationship" tab on your new connection's profile. This way you'll always be able to recall how you met the person and why you connected with them. You'll thank me later.

3. Contact relevant visitors

Go through the list of people who've viewed your profile during the past week. You may come across interesting people to connect with or even prospective clients.

There's no harm in contacting people who have viewed your profile as long as you do it fairly quickly after the visit. If you wait for too long they might have forgotten all about you or a relevant business opportunity may no longer be open.


Now, go ahead and put that recurring event in your diary and make sure you do something good for your LinkedIn profile every week. Once you begin getting traction from your weekly efforts, you will automatically start using LinkedIn even more and you've created a virtuous circle.

Good luck.




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Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard