April 30, 2015

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Why be a part of a group on LinkedIn?

There are tons of groups on LinkedIn and you might be a member of a handful of them. It might be Alumni groups or something else you find super relevant and specific for you.

But did you know that your visibility on LinkedIn will increase severely the more groups you join?  

First of all, groups are headhunters’ paradise. If you are looking for a sales manager, you can simply enter a group for sales managers and have your list of candidates right there, why not be one of them?

Secondly, if you take the time to engage in the networking groups’ discussions, you might be noticed and acknowledged for your know-how and gain inspiration from likeminded.

Lastly, LinkedIn provides more profile information for those who are either connected or present in the same groups. Hence, by joining some of the largest groups, you are increasing the amount of people who can explore your profile and thereby your visibility.


Sara Lockhart Gammelgaard
Sara Lockhart Gammelgaard