May 11, 2015

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LinkedIn has the title as being the greatest professional network in the world. You are not “making friends” on LinkedIn, you are connecting with people. But should you connect with everybody?

Have you tried receiving an invitation to connect from a complete stranger or maybe just someone you haven’t had contact with since elementary school? If yes, you might also have been confused by the invitation and then found yourself in the awkward position whether you should accept or not.

Let us investigate why people are connecting randomly:

First of all, LinkedIn’s algorithm also places you higher in search rankings if you have 500+ connections and the more connections you have, the larger network.

Furthermore, one of LinkedIn’s features is your ability to see how you are connected to someone; if it is your own connection, your connection’s connection or maybe your connection’s connection’s connection. If you are directly or partially connected, LinkedIn finds you more likely to have something in common, and thereby enables more information for you to see on their profile – and the other way around.

However, with every social media platform, connecting/following/adding etc. is a matter of personal preferences and some will always be more likely than others to engage in virtual relationships. But before rejecting the next invitation on LinkedIn, just consider the advantages above, and maybe your old high-school sweetheart will be the entry to your next job.

Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard