March 31, 2015

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Make your company stand out on LinkedIn

One of our key products at MSI is our LinkedIn Profile Makeover where your personal LinkedIn profile is being optimized with visual features, SEO and personally adjusted to your needs through a telephone interview.

But did you know that we do the same for companies?

LinkedIn has the Company Page and Showcase pages, which is an opportunity for your company to stand out in the crowd. It increases the possibility for attracting the right candidates through the job posting function, getting noticed by potential customers through the search function on LinkedIn, and having a platform for campaigns and employer branding.

If you order a Company Page Makeover at MSI, we are not only creating the pages, you also get an opportunity to receive training from one of our consultants, who will make sure that you know exactly how to make the best with your new Company Page. 

Thomas Sondergaard
Thomas Sondergaard