March 12, 2015

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Does personal branding rule out corporate branding?

Your LinkedIn profile is personal, in your name, and filled with your own content. But is that all?

Have you ever looked at another profile and the companies the person have worked for and thought “that is a strong profile he's got there” purely based on experience? This is corporate branding leading to personal branding. Your personal profile is looking good, because of the good reputation of the places you have been.

This also works seen from a reversed perspective; if the employees of your company have strong profiles and look good and corporate, then your brand looks good and corporate as well.

At MSI we deliver LinkedIn Profile Makeovers that provide employees with sharp and streamlined profiles that will not only result in personal branding, but furthermore present your company on LinkedIn as a unit of professionals.

Annemarie Nordlyng
Annemarie Nordlyng