May 01, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Generate an offline resume

For years, LinkedIn had a great tool for creating offline resumes/CVs straight from your profile - the LinkedIn Resume Builder. But now this tool has been closed down and LinkedIn has not provided an alternative. We all know that updating your resume can be a pain, so what to do now?

The alternative

Fortunately there is another site called Creddle, which enables you to turn your profile into an offline resume. Your Creddle resume can be based on one of the built-in templates, but the great thing about Creddle is that it also gives you the opportunity to customize your resume. You can change headers, add colors and move sections. That's what I call customization!

4 steps to setup Creddle:

  1. Download your 'profile' on, by clicking on the arrow next to "View profile as".
  2. Then click "Save as pdf", and that's all you need to create your cool resume. 
  3. Sign into Creddle with your LinkedIn account.
  4. Drag your downloaded pdf onto the page and click "Resume" in the upper left corner. Now you can choose between templates, colors etc.

Link to Creddle:

Please note that your LinkedIn profile needs to be fairly up-to-date - otherwise Creddle cannot generate a decent-looking resume.


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Anna Fast Nilsson
Anna Fast Nilsson