April 17, 2016

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LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to use Showcase Pages to create a distinct business platform on LinkedIn

To succeed as a company on LinkedIn you must drive the right people to your profile, but how do you achieve that? How do you - as a company - get your own voice and create a distinct platform for your business?

Get your own voice with a Showcase Page

By using Showcase Pages you can present your own voice for every part of your business. With a Showcase Page you can create different pages for every aspect of your business.

Advantages of using Showcase Pages

  • You can engage with a specfic customer segment - which is perfect if you have different brand strategies
  • You expand your presence on LinkedIn
  • You get the opportunity to advertise more products
  • The more layers you add to your company's offerings, the more segmented audience you get - which basically means that you can reach out to more potential clients

Showcase Page vs. Company Page

You can't create a Showcase Page without already having a Company Page - you could say that the Showcase Page is an extension to the Company Page. The Company Page gives a general introduction to your company whereas the Showcase Page represents a specific product, service or business unit.

How to create a Showcase Page

Go to your Company Page and click "Edit" which is located in the upper-right corner of the page.

Then you choose "Create Showcase Page". All the editing of the Showcase Page is similar to the Company Page but it is important to note that there is more focus on visuals on the Showcase Page.

Pick a header photo that appropriately represents your product or service and add some descriptive text. Remember, your Company Page and Showcase Pages can be language-versioned to achieve even greater presence among your key demographics.


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Anna Fast Nilsson
Anna Fast Nilsson